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Naked Brothers to streak through Turlock
Nat and Alex Wolff will perform live on Aug. 6 at the Stanislaus County Fair. - photo by Photo Contributed
Come Thursday, Turlock is set to get a little bit, well, naked.
That’s the day when Nat Wolff, 14, and Alex Wolff, 11, more commonly known as the world-famous naked brothers of The Naked Brothers Band, are set to bring their teen-friendly brand of rock and roll to the Budweiser Variety Free Stage at the Stanislaus County Fair in little old Turlock, Calif.
“I’ve never even heard of Turlock,” Alex said.
“I heard there are some cool rides (at the fair),” Nat said. “That’s what our tour manager said.”
“Awesome, I’m excited,” Alex said. “I love rides.”
The brothers expect to spend the day here in Turlock, taking advantage of their chance to see the city, experience the fair, and, of course, perform for thousands of screaming fans.
Their concert will kick off the second leg of the “Nat & Alex Wolff Summer Road Trip Tour,” which began June 13 in Denver and will end Sept. 20 in Hutchinson, Kansas, following a week off spent visiting grandparents in Fire Island, New York.
The Naked Brothers have traveled across the country in a tour bus — for the first time — where they and their band mates have hung out in bunk beds, watched movies, and listened to music. They’ve been dissecting albums recently, and Nat said, getting a sort of musical education on the road while breaking down records such as Nirvana’s “Nevermind” and Jeff Buckley’s “Grace.”
“We’ve gotten so much tighter as a band, we’re really hitting our best time right now,” Nat said. “Everything’s coming together.”
In the back of the tour bus ride The Naked Mom and Dad, or Polly Draper and Michael Wolff, where they enjoy a big screen TV that Alex considers “kinda unfair,” given the small television the other bus riders share.
Draper wrote, directed, created, and executive produced “The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie,” the rock mockumentary based on her children’s real-life band which was turned into the Nickelodeon television series that made the brothers famous. Wolff is a musician who was the bandleader for The Arsenio Hall Show, inspiring his children’s love of music from an early age.
The brothers utilize the talents they gained from both of their parents in their performances, they said, but are still very much their own band. They write all of their own songs, each undertaking the task of songwriting separately through their own unique processes.
“I get inspired by my own feelings and try to articulate them the best I can,” Nat said. “By sound, I can also get inspired by other bands.”
Nat says his favorite band is The Beatles, claiming to be one of their biggest fans, while Alex loves Green Day.
But both Naked Brothers really just love to make music. The fame that they’ve received has come almost as a surprise, something they’ve never really sought and a thing they like the least about being a part of The Naked Brothers Band.
It’s just been through hard work and a love for music that the Naked Brothers have gotten where they are today, Nat says.
“I don’t think you can plan on anything career wise, or how are people going to like you, but if you do what you really feel I think people respond,” Nat said. “… If you put your real heart into something, I guess as corny as it sounds, I guess people respond to it.”
Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff will perform at the Stanislaus County Fair at 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 6. Concert entry is included with paid admission to the fair.
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