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Donna Marie Tate
Mar 10, 1932-Feb 3, 2022

“Isn’t This a Blessing”, the words often spoken by Donna Tate. Anytime family gathered or exciting and happy news happened for any family member or loved one, this phrase was turned.

In reality, the real blessing, was being raised by her or being her friend. Our mother was the most selfless, loving and caring person on the face of the earth. Affectionately known as “Moosie”, we will miss her everyday and will never forget the lessons learned. Moosie’s lessons were many, here are a few. Do not drive anywhere without a blanket, water and a pair of scissors in your car, blanket and water in case you break down in the wilderness and the scissors in case you drive into a body of water and your seat belt doesn’t work. Hiccups cure-drink a glass of water, but one swallow at a time, after each swallow raise the glass above your head and circle it around 3 times, repeat until glass is empty. This works, it has been verified by her children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren and they all attest to its validity. Always eat when you are hungry, worry about the extra pounds later, bellies are to be full. Wash your hands often, but especially before you eat. Say yes to your children, only say NO if absolutely necessary. Moosie was convinced children listen to NO if they do not hear it often. And of great importance to her-always be kind to animals. She fed many strays over the years and always carried extra pet food in her car just in case she encountered an animal in need.

On February 3, 2022, she cast off her earthly chains and went to where there is no more pain.

Donna Marie Pucylowski (Christofferson) was born March 9, 1932, in Iron River, Michigan, to Lillian Cecilia Alberta Christofferson and Ignacy Anton Martin (Tony) Pucylowski. Her mother succumbed to TB at the age of 31 and her father died at 38 due to heart failure. She was raised by her maternal grandparents, and they officially adopted her in October 1938. After her grandmother died in 1944, she was sent to California to live with an aunt. She spent most of her teenage years working as a live-in nanny for families in the Bay area. In 1948 she moved to

Turlock to live with her grandfather, and it was there she met and married Harry Tate on July 30, 1949. Their shared vision was the American dream; they built a successful business from scratch in partnership with Gene and Barbara Tate and later Bob and Marie Tate, Tate Brothers Market. Most important to them was to be able to provide opportunities for their children. Family was priority, always. Donna and Harry Tate were married for 54 years prior to his death in 2003. This union produced three sons, Gene, Mick and Brett.

Donna is survived by her sons, Gene (Diane), Mick (Connie), Brett (Karen) and grandchildren: Ryan, Jennifer, Shannon, Stacey, Mickila, Brock, Jonas and Will. She also leaves behind 13 great-grandchildren.

As per her request a private burial will be at Turlock Memorial Park.