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John R. Lazar
November 1920 - August 2011
John Lazar pic 1

John Lazar was born in Bagdad Mesopotamia (Iraq), son of Bob Lazar and
Catherine Alkas Lazar, on the 16th of November 1920. He died peacefully
at home surrounded by friends, family and long time caregivers (Cindy,
Rosalinda and Daylene), on the 20th of August 2011 three months short of
his 91st birthday.

The family immigrated to the United States in 1921 when John was 6
months old. He became a naturalized citizen on May 22 1929.

He served in the United States Navy and received an honorable discharge
on 15 October 1942

John or Johnny was the classic example of a self made man. He learned a
lot of his trade by helping his father in the produce business. He
rapidly excelled. By age 16 he owned his own truck and was driving
produce to Los Angeles. He soon opened his own business as the
Manteca Produce Co. His fondness for his father guided him throughout
his career. He was a tough and shrewd businessman who as both broker and
Dealer was able to maximize his efforts.
On a lighter side he enjoyed many activities. In his 20's and 30's he
was a professional poker player. Some would call him a high roller. He
liked to drive the best cars, but only white body color since that did
not show the dirt as much. He was a snappy dresser, knew what he liked
and never settled for second best.

He was an avid football fan both college and pro. But why players would
wear hair so long that it hung out of their helmets, was a source of
aggravation to him.
He spoke Assyrian fluently and was proud of his heritage. In his
younger years he was a member of the Evangelical Assyrian Church. In
his later years he had two Bibles- one was the Holy Scripture and the
second was the Wall Street Journal.

He was honest and never afraid to speak his mind. Although not a
physician or nurse, on occasion when faced with someone who did not
perform to his standard he had to administer a verbal "injection" to
shape them up. But in the last analysis his roar and bark only were
there to cover his soft and compassionate heart, especially for those
who were hungry and less fortunate.

He Married Rosa Uriola on 25 November 1952. Rosie beat him through the
pearly gates (with her pearls on we might add), by 25 days. He
expressed that if he had not married Rosie he would never have
married-"never ever".
He was one of 8 children and is survived by his brother Marshall Lazar
of Turlock and nieces Catherine Linquist of Denair CA, Debbie Lazar of
Napa CA, Roberta Batchelder of Rockland CA, and great nieces and nephew
Sara, Emily and Brian.
Private services have previously been held.
Donations may be made in his and Rosie's memory to the local ASPCA
chapter or Community Hospice in Modesto.

Turlock Journal
Saturday, August 27, 2011