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Kaylene C. Williams
Jan 26, 1950-July 3, 2021

Kaylene C. Williams, born Jan. 26, 1950, passed away in her home on July 3, 2021.  She is survived by her siblings, Herb Ron Williams, Portland, ME, Randall Williams, Topeka, KS, and Carol Williams, Topeka, KS.  She is also survived by nephews and her niece, Isaiah and Abraham Williams, Rowan Emerson, and Caroline Williams.  Predeceased are her parents, Harold and Leota Williams, Topeka, KS, and brother, David Williams, Topanga, CA.

  After graduating from Topeka High School, Kaylene left Kansas to pursue higher learning.  After attending universities in California and Tennessee, she received her doctoral degree in Business Administration-Marketing.  She taught at the University of Delaware.  She then took a position as Professor of Marketing at California State University, Stanislaus, in 1984.  She continued to teach there until 2015, when she retired.

  Dr. Williams was an excellent instructor and faculty member.  She supported and assisted her students continually, and she was highly regarded by her colleagues through the years.  Dr. Williams wrote, and was known for, many academic and professional articles written for her field of Marketing; her professional writings are respected and utilized to this day.  She was instrumental in developing and having accreditation come to fruition at the university.  Faculty and students alike have expressed gratitude for Kaylene’s dedication to her work.  She was given the Emerita Award after retiring; an award given at will by her peers and administration, for contributions made to the University.

   Many people have expressed how selfless and thoughtful Kaylene was toward others.  Over the years many have received cards and gifts from her loving generosity.  She also spent many years in deep, spiritual pursuit; she was raised in the Lutheran Church, practiced yoga for decades, and often visited Mount Shasta, which is known for its mystical atmosphere.  Her pursuit of higher learning went beyond the academic field.

  As profound as her career was, Kaylene was dearly loved as a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, mentor, and friend.  She will be sorely missed by all those who loved her.  She rests with God.