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Wallace A. Hall
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Wallace A. Hall passed away on Wed., July 13, 2016. Known as “Wally” to friends and family, Mr. Hall died peacefully with family gathered with him. 

Born in San Mateo, California to Addison and Haviland Hall, Wally attended Sequoia High School graduating in 1949. As his professional career, he worked for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company as a Sales Agent. He also attended the Peninsula and Turlock Covenant Churches, where he actively served on various committees and in diverse ministries. 

Wally’s great loves were sports and humor, “The looks of Dean Martin and the personality of Jerry Lewis” is the way he was often described. A winning combination that seemed to work well socially throughout his life. A wonderful raconteur of tall tales, Wally often began a conversation with “Did you hear the one….”, and usually ended the conversation the same way it began.

Wallace A. Hall, lived life on his own terms. He is survived by five children, son, David, and daughters, Darnell, Delayne, Geraldine and Susan. In addition to his children, Wallace is survived by two brothers, Lee and Jon, eight grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, two nephews, and a niece. 

A Memorial Service will be held at Turlock Covenant Church on Sat., July 16, 3 p.m.