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Council seeking input on homeless solutions
Andrew Nosrati
Turlock City Council member Andrew Nosrati

It is recognized that the state of homelessness in our city has reached levels that requires action by leadership to remedy the situation and begin to work towards sustainable solutions for the betterment of our community.

We, at the Council, understand that the most effective steps towards combating the epidemic are debatable; but we are determined to choose action over inaction.

Furthermore, we understand that the recommendations we make, and any actions will not be perfect and will not be locked in stone. We are asking for those who care for the betterment of this community to work with us as we make difficult decisions.

Through these trying times, I am not asking for you to trust in the Council's actions, but I ask for you to trust the underlying intentions, our love for the city, and of our desire to serve to the benefit of the whole community. I welcome constructive criticism and any and all concerns and recognize these as necessary.

This coming Wednesday, at 10:30 a.m., those interested in helping us draft recommendations for a temporary outdoor shelter space are encouraged to attend.

If you are in opposition of the additions of any and all outdoor shelter, I would encourage you to come to a future Council meeting and voice your opinion to us in these meetings to reach out to your representative directly. Additionally, if you have alternatives, tell us what action you would like us to take.