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Youth sports participation trophies & the psyches of politicians partying like its 1984
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Dennis Wyatt

Youth sports participation trophies.

They’re the bane of those worried that its helping create a bunch of snowflakes.

But if that is kowtowing to the alleged creation of wimps, it is nothing compared to what is afoot in North Carolina by those who supposedly aren’t disciples of Big Brother government.

Three Republican state senators — Tim Moffitt, Bibby Hanig and Eddie Settle — are playing a game of hardcore government overreach.

Or, perhaps in their defense, they honestly believe a bunch of molded plastic made for less than 10 cents per unit in China is a leading cause of America’s supposed decay.

The trio is  going after the awarding of youth sports participation trophies by programs that local governments operate in the Tar Heel State.

The proposed law introduced last month reads, "Youth sports or other youth recreation activities operated under the authority of a local government shall not include awards for participants based solely on their participation in the sport or other activity. Awards provided in connection with the activity, if any, shall be based on identified performance achievements.”

Why stop with participation trophies?

North Carolina should also outlaw funding of any local government funded recreation program  that requires all kids involved in youth sports programs to get some playing time regardless of their athletic skills.

After all, we mustn’t award playing time unless it is based on “identified performance achievements”.

Having such a heavy handed approach would never happen here in California. That’s because the California Legislature in its current state of decay would probably mandate participation trophies be given to every youth recreation sports player.

And for added measure, Governor Newsom would probably set aside $70 million in California tax dollars  to help fund sports participation trophies in red states that don’t allow them.

That would dovetail nicely into Newsom’s self-proclaimed “Campaign for Democracy Tour” of Republican states that he’s got time to do now that he’s solved our long-range water supply issues, addressed flooding, improved learning in public schools,  effectively addressed homeless issues, and made the Golden State’s major cities beacons of safety.

One must assume from remarks the North Carolina trio have made regarding their bill that they believe they are taking on the woke movement.

What better way to tackle the absurdities of wokeness by coming up with something that is even more absurd and actually even more woke

Such legislative proposals need to be treated for what they are — a threat to our collective freedoms.

While that sounds like hyperbole on steroids, it isn’t.

The problem with legislative bodies making such edicts is the fact that most youth sports programs are conducted in public facilities across the country funded by cities and school districts.

Unless Little Leagues, Pop Warner football programs and youth basketball leagues and such own and operate their own playing facilities, they are using playing fields and such “under the authority of a local government” as stated in the proposed North Carolina bill.

You might point out what the fine people and their elected representatives in North Carolina put in place is none of your business if you are in California.

But what is your business is the disease that is epidemic among party animals whose drug of choice come in hardcore blue political pills or hardcore red political pills.

That disease is controlling — and micromanaging –— everyone’s daily life by government fiat or passing laws telling us how to scramble eggs.

Their aims seem noble if your perspective agrees with proponents, but no one ever stops to think about the ultimate consequences before they cast a vote.

While the three Republicans in North Carolina might honestly believe what  they are doing is trying to make sure tax dollars don’t directly underwrite the cost of participation  trophies, any lawyer worth their salt could make a case the language  of such a prohibition extends to non-profits that run youth sports programs that use fields created and maintained with tax dollars.

And if the bill was forged in the passionate heat of what constitutes American values and the “right” way to raise kids, why empower bureaucrats and not parents?

Legislation simply requiring disclosing to parents or guardians when they sign up their kids for  youth sports operated by local government agencies whether they award participation trophies would be sufficient.

That in itself would be a doubling down on government heavy handiness.

But at least it would allow parents to decide whether they want their children to be involved in a sports program that offers participation trophies as opposed to culture war warriors posing as elected Republican or Democrat officials

Who best to determine how receiving a participation trophy impacts the psyche of an individual child but their parents and not politicians partying like its 1984?