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A caring community in a moment of crisis
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I want to thank all the wonderful people of Turlock who helped my family last Thursday (Aug. 25) afternoon; it is really comforting to live in a city where people care for each other.  

This is the story of what happened: We were taking my daughter to her gym class in the afternoon and parked in the shopping center parking lot at Canal Drive. While my wife was crossing the lanes holding my daughter’s hand, a guy driving too fast hit my daughter on her leg making her fall.

I then ran to see how she was, and, after seeing that she was relatively fine, approached the guy but he ran off after we exchanged only a few words. It was then  that many people helped us tremendously; like the lady who immediately called the police, a guy who took a picture of the car as it was running away, other ladies who told us that they saw what happened and offered to be witnesses, another guy who followed the car and saw where it stopped, a young lady who gave my daughter an ice pack to ease the pain, the EMTs who arrived within a few minutes and checked  my daughter and were really good at making her feel better,  and the police officers who did very professional  work.

Fortunately, my daughter is fine. I can’t thank God enough for protecting her and for sending all these caring people to help us, I don’t have all their names (as I gave the paper where I wrote them to the officer) but from the bottom of my heart , thank you !

— Juan Garza