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A lesson for all youth sports league board members
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I am sorry for what the Ybarra family must be going through since Anna Ybarra was arrested for embezzlement from the Turlock Youth Soccer Association.
My family and I spent a lot of time and money traveling from city to city, driving our daughter to tournaments, practices and games playing on Anna and her husband’s team. We met many new people over the years spending time on the sidelines yelling, screaming and cheering for our girls. These are memories that we will have for a lifetime and our daughter has made some of her best friends from this experience.
It’s sad to see what people will do when they start to get too much power and think that they can get away with anything. After the 2006-07 season was over seven girls left the team and wanted to move up in age and start a new team, but were given nothing but problems from Anna and some of the other board members. We met with nothing but resistance from helping us pick out a new coach, to coming up with new rules about moving up in age that never affected us when we were playing for them.
In my opinion, no board member should be a coach. Board members should be there for one thing and one thing only THE KIDS and to work with all the teams not just a select few. When all of this was happening, some of us parents were saying to each other “what goes around comes around” and I guess it has come around. I hope all sports board members, not just TYSA, will learn from this.
— Jessie Smith