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Access to affordable health care is life-saving
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As a volunteer with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I hear many stories from cancer patients and caregivers, including my high school coach’s son.  He was starting a new job and didn’t have insurance when he was diagnosed with cancer.  Before the Affordable Care Act, he would have been denied insurance coverage due to a pre-existing illness and would have been on his own to finance an expensive fight against cancer.  He recently underwent surgery to remove part of his spine and the rest of three ribs and will have to travel to undergo proton radiation therapy – none of which could have happened without insurance.  He’s fighting so hard for his life, insurance should be the last thing to worry about.

Access to affordable and adequate health care coverage is life-saving.  That insurance also needs to cover those with a pre-existing condition and have no annual and lifetime caps.

Here in Congressional District 10, Rep. Jeff Denham has over 25,000 constituents who use Covered California for their health care.  I understand the current law could be better on the issue of high out-of-pocket costs and limited insurer options, but what will come of all those people if their health care disappears?

I hope that Rep. Denham will think of the many cancer patients relying on the ACA when he votes on any bill.