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Accolades for Senator's help
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Dear Editor:
We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Senator Dave Cogdill for his leadership in getting SB 85 passed in the State legislature and signed by the governor.
It was a Herculean effort to get this legislation signed and he has accomplished what no one had been able to do before. Over the past 20 years, many bills have been authored, but any bill that had made it to the governor had been vetoed.
It is anticipated SB 85 will provide great relief to Stanislaus County by freezing any potential increases in property tax transfers to the State if property values rise over the next two years. What this means is the baseline for what Stanislaus County pays to the State could be lowered in perpetuity, which would allow the county to continue that level of savings every year going forward.
Stanislaus County has paid more than $58 million in “negative bailout” money to the state since 1983. On average, more than $3 million of Stanislaus County general fund money is sent each year to the state as a result of the faulty legislation called AB 8.
Any relief from this burden is greatly appreciated and we thank Senator Cogdill and his staff for their outstanding efforts.
— Richard W. Robinson
Stanislaus County Chief Executive Officer