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Adam Gray has made the valley a better place
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Over my career I have spent a great deal of time trying to make the San Joaquin Valley a better place for our families and communities.  In that time I learned that we do best if we work and stand together when valley interests are at stake.  They are at risk in next week's election.

Adam Gray has done a good job in just two short years in the Assembly.  He has worked with both sides on behalf of his constituents.  And he has big victories, like the water bond and FFA funding, and small victories, like getting the power turned back on at a mobile home park in Santa Nella.  These are things that make a difference in peoples' lives.   We would be better off as a valley, a state, and a nation if more elected officials adopted the same approach to government that Adam Gray displays.

The campaign against Adam Gray is without parallel in its viciousness and character assassination.  It is not representative of the values of our people.  On election day we should send one clear message: legislators like Adam Gray have earned our support and vote.  It is really in our best interest to do so.