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Are stadium renovations really the best use of funds?
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There is a lot of unfair criticism pointed at those opposed to the remodeling of Joe Debely Stadium. Both of my sons played on that field in high school, and even then it was in need of repair. Nobody wants to see an athlete get hurt due to poor field quality and no parents want to continue sitting on those cold metal bleachers in the middle of a chilly November evening.
What we are opposed to is the way redevelopment funds are being used and the arrogant attitude displayed by the City Council. The council is acting like many of our state and federal officials: We’re smarter than you, we know what is best and don’t question our decision.
Mervyn's and Long's Drug Store still stand empty, and ideal places for new businesses in Turlock. Does the council really believe that a new stadium at Turlock High School will create more permanent jobs and tax revenue than new businesses at these other locations?
— Larry Rumbeck