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Asking for Turlock City Council help in addressing youth-geared tobacco products
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I have three granddaughters, aged 8, 7 and 2 years old.  I am writing because I am concerned about the tobacco industry’s use of flavors in their toxic products to lure kids into lifelong addiction. The tobacco industry doesn’t stop at the use of flavors, it also uses kid-friendly packaging to deceive kids into thinking their products are harmless. This, coupled with unchecked online purchasing, gets tobacco products past parents and teachers and straight into the hands of kids. All of this is a recipe for disaster.

The tobacco industry’s use of flavors is very strategic, as it targets the age group most susceptible to addiction.  They claim they are marketing these flavors towards adults.  I have to call B.S.  Adult flavors would be Jack Daniels, Gin and Tonic, Old Fashion.  Pebbles Donuts, Unicorn Puke, Chocolate Banana aren't being marketed towards adults.

The youth in our area face enough challenges in this time of their development. We should be setting them up for success, not saddling them with addiction that could torment them all their lives.

I'm asking for the assistance of Mayor Soiseth and the Turlock City Council, in addressing how we can keep our grandchildren and children safe from the tobacco industry.

— Randy Little, Turlock