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Back up the train, for the economy's sake
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Is congressional candidate Jose Hernandez's support of the $96 billion high-speed rail boondoggle a sign that he doesn't grasp that California and Washington are both derailing the economy through deficit spending?  Consultants alone have cost upwards of $12 million. Potential private investors consider the project too risky.
Central Valley farmers, farm bureaus, and other agricultural related groups are vigorously opposed to the rail line route that would compromise 15,000 acres of prime farmland, agribusiness and the water
supply.  In addition to the negative impact on livestock and crops, valley wildlife would suffer as well.
Of further concern, during the economic downturn, is the added fiscal burden to the State that HSR will pose while up against budgetary dollars needed for education, roads, law enforcement and emergency
services.  Congressman Jeff Denham is against HSR at this time.  I agree with Denham that a better economy and smarter planning are prerequisites to pursuing the project in the future.
Mr. Hernandez looks to be good with HSR federal/state "high-speed" deficit spending, and with subsequent borrowing, tax hikes and downsizing of services.  Let's back the train up, and allow the economy to move forward.

— Ken Groves, Jr.