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Bublak is the best choice for mayor

Dear Editor:

Reading recent letters to the editor attacking Mayor Bublak, one in particular that was clearly "sour grapes," we can’t help but wonder who they really are talking about.  This is not the Amy we know and admire.

Amy Bublak is the best choice for Mayor of our City. She has worked tirelessly to make our City better. I have listened to her opponent falsely accuse her of micromanaging staff, but the truth is far different.

Under Mayor Bublak the City of Turlock has recruited a visionary City Manager, Reagan Wilson, who has recruited a staff second to none. Roads are being repaired after 30 years of neglect, more fire fighters and police officers are on the street, homeless encampments have been enclosed, and the budget is balanced

Unlike her opponent who has no plan to make Turlock better and continues to criticize her despite saying civility is his top issue, Mayor Bublak has implemented her plan to make our lives better.  And our lives ARE better! 

There is only one choice for Mayor of Turlock — OUR Mayor:  Amy Bublak.

— Barbara and Truman Jensen