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Califia deserves a place of honor
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It is my understanding that moving our “Califia” statue is being considered.

I recall going to see our new statue in 2004 I believe, and frankly I was appalled at the location selected. There wasn’t enough space to step back to absorb the wonderful details, design, colors and craftsmanship executed by the artist Donna Billick of Davis.

As far as I am concerned, “Califia” is truly a work of art and as such deserves a better location for people to enjoy.

I took a roll of film of the mythological queen. I also cut out all the controversial newspaper articles on “Califia” at the time of her placement. I still have those articles and just reread them and unfortunately there were more derogatory comments than “she” deserved.

I know the potential sites under construction but have you considered placement in our new Turlock Regional Transit Center (bus hub) on the corners of Golden State, Hawkeye and Dels? It would offer more exposure and open space for viewing.

I hate to think Califia is being located on another small corner lot. I am not keen about using Broadway Park, which is out of the way and located by the railroad tracks. She doesn’t deserve an “out of sight out of mind” location! This is a work of art and as such should be in a location that can be seen and appreciated.

— Paula Tice