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California needs to keep its commitment to renewable energy
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Dear Editor:

In this scary time, we need to push on and look for hope in a brighter future. In California, we are uniquely posed to combat the climate disasters we see before us. We have immense renewable energy capacity and the means to expand it even more. From every corner of the state, we came together to fight for the passage of our 100% renewable electricity goals.

Environmental groups staged events and letter writing campaigns. Business groups advocated for the expansion of the renewable energy industry as a boost to our economy. Farmers across the state offered to host wind turbines on their land to provide their local communities with safe, clean energy. Healthcare professionals demanded renewables as a path to cleaner air and water, a crucial component of public health.

But now, our leaders are considering releasing the utilities of their responsibility to advance a renewable energy industry that already powers 31% of our state’s electricity, according to the California Energy Commission. Renewable energy is not some unattainable pipe dream — it is a powerhouse of our state. Turning back now would be nonsensical and irresponsible. We can’t allow PG&E, or any other utility in the state, turn back on their commitment to renewable energy.

— Mary Jackson, Turlock