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Changing the tide in Turlock
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As the last four years have passed, the community of Turlock has watched as the homeless and drug transient populations have surged, roads have degraded into worse conditions than most surrounding communities, water conditions are dangerous and supply is shrinking, and police ranks have dwindled to dangerous staffing levels.

City staff morale is low. The community is angry and frustrated.  Conflicts of interest with the current regime when exposed are passed off as “alarmist rhetoric.”  The tide of desire for change in leadership in Turlock has risen. A yearning for honesty, transparency, accountability, and responsibility are at the core of this demand for someone and something different than the status quo.

Amy Bublak is the answer. Amy has served on the city council of Turlock and various local committees and boards in addition to having served in law enforcement giving Amy the necessary perspective, experience, honesty, integrity, and character to be the new mayor of Turlock.  

Amy is willing to work with and for the residents of Turlock and not to seek gain at their expense. The tide has already begun and will not be calmed until the current storm has passed. The rising tide lifts all boats. Vote Amy Bublak this November for Mayor of Turlock! 

— Michael Foster