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City Council is not responsibly planning for citizens protection
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Approximately 30 years ago, this city had 55 sworn personnel, which totaled the entire police force, from administration to officers in the field. The city population at that time was approximately 35,000. We presently have a population which has doubled, to 70,000 plus, a 100 percent increase. However, the entire police force now only has 80 sworn personnel. This is only a 70 percent increase for enforcing the law and protecting the people!

Less than five years ago, Turlock provided itself with a fabulous new police station. This, I am confident, has made the police department better able to function more efficiently. However, where is the needed manpower on patrol? Why has the police protection ratio been permitted to decrease, while the city population increases? City Council: This is not right. This is not responsible planning for our protection as citizens of Turlock.

I believe all our city leaders need to evaluate what is of the utmost priority of where the city budget money needs to go first: To animal friendly parks or skateboard parks or upgrading intersections, or is it to see that we get reasonable protection when we are going to the store or in our back yard or even just sitting inside our home resting? Also, when we have more patrol cars visibly on our streets, drivers will take notice to not drive carelessly or recklessly.

Please give thought to this question: When a patrol officer calls for a back-up car during a crisis incident, how many patrol cars are available should one or two or even three more crisis incidents occur at that very same time within our city?

— Joe A. Silva