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The City of Turlock needs new leadership
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In March of 2016, I was amazed and dismayed to watch the city's well-run volunteer organization, Turlock Certified Farmers Market, get kicked out of the downtown by the city council's vote of 4 to 1.  We know that this change had a negative effect on the entire commerce of the downtown.  I am not interested in more votes, like this one, taking place. Brad Bates wants to bring back the Turlock Certified Farmers Market to downtown.
Over the last 4 years, I have been very disappointed to see that Turlock has had a substantial decline in the condition of our roads!  As I drive here now, I choose carefully where I drive to avoid hitting any pot holes!  That reminds me of being in a 3rd world country, which Turlock has never been like, before now.  I know that Brad Bates is committed to improving our roads.
I am in favor of a “TIN CUP” (Time is Now, Clean up Politics) ordinance, which would require council members to recuse themselves from votes affecting their substantial donors.  Led by the Mayor, a majority of the current council voted to defeat this ordinance in 2014.  Brad Bates is in favor of instituting that ordinance.
These are 3 important issues on which Brad has a better plan than the other mayoral candidates.  He did an excellent job when he was mayor in 1982-1990, presiding over a city council with a great divergence of opinions.  He was adept at presiding over the council and bringing consensus, even with the likes of “contrarian” council member, Tom Howard.
Please join me in voting for Brad Bates.

— Allan Merrill