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College district representatives know their communities
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This letter is in reference to an article published in the Turlock Journal on March 20, written by Dennis Wyatt: "College Districts need to put education first, jobs second."

I am not disputing his opinion in the article regarding consolations of community college districts, but I feel he needs to get out from behind his computer if he is going to make statements about local Representatives. The part that I resent is when he states "Besides, if  local control is so important can you name three board members on the Yosemite Community College District Board? Can you even name your representative? Better yet what type of interaction with the community do board members do to understand what the "locals" want: There is none." Wow!

If Mr. Wyatt is going to make statements like this, he needs to get out into the communities his newspaper  represents. I personally feel that our local YCCD and K-12 board members are well aware of the education needs of our own areas of governance. I am willing to bet that more citizens within Area 3, which I represent, know of my personal community and college volunteer endeavors than who Mr. Wyatt is. Mr. Wyatt apparently never reads local articles that appear in the newspapers he represents.

 — Abe Rojas

YCCD Board Member Area ,  Community Volunteer and Advocate