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Congratulations to Turlocks new council members
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I would like to congratulate Councilman-Elect Dehart and Councilman-Elect White on their win and I wish them the best. To the people that not just gave me their vote but also their trust I want to say thank you and that words cannot describe how honored I am to have had your support. I presented to you who I am and intend to stay true to myself in all my endeavors throughout life. This election showed me that someone with a good message that is being honest does have a chance to win elected office. Even though I did not win the seat, I feel it is a partial victory because my message was heard.


I believe in the greatness of our nation because of the strength of our people. I continue to believe that elected officials must respect the office being held by respecting the people and the sacrifices made by others for our freedom. An elected office is larger than any one person because it represents the many. I ask that this be remembered by our city council.


Turlock is at a very important crossroads. We must begin to look seriously at the direction that we want our city to go in, the role it plays in our region and what it has to offer the state and nation. We must learn from our past and look to the future while living in the present, continually thinking about what will be here for the next generation.


I am not giving up on my ideals and currently looking at ways that I can make a difference without holding an office and I have not ruled anything out for the future. Thank you to all who participated in this election.


— Jeremy Rocha