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Continue the art and music legacy with Prop 28

Dear Editor,
Y’all see or hear anything? I can, but other low-income schools and districts can’t because of the lack of funding for their art and music programs. These programs allow students to express creative freedom and open doorways to possible career paths and hobbies. If Proposition 28 passes, it will provide the funding for these programs and not only teach students new skills but will also give job opportunities to unemployed individuals. Unemployment is still a big issue today, and passing this proposition could help combat it by creating more jobs for people struggling to find employment.
My old elementary was not a part of TUSD and was in a different district. We lacked a lot of money, especially since it was farther out in the countryside and did not have things like art or music. It was not until I transferred to a new school that I joined the choir there, and it shaped my life involving me more with music, and I now plan on majoring in music voice in college. I have also seen a lack of funding for the art, drama, and music programs here at Pitman High school. In choir, we create fundraisers just for us to pay for shirts and buses to travel to concerts and festivals. Most sports teams here get boosters for their teams. However, the school hasn’t really set anything like that up for us.
Art and music have been around for thousands of years, and if it dies out, we will have no one to continue the legacy of those who came before us. Not only did they bring forth masterpieces, but they have also shaped and revolutionized our society as we know it today. So, vote ‘yes’ to help fund these programs for the students.
— Atiana Hernandez