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Council needs to develop plan to fix Turlock roads now
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Mayor Soiseth’s public workshop on Turlock roads reconfirmed what Turlock residents already know – the condition of Turlock roads is deplorable and there is no definitive plan to provide a dedicated source of funding to halt the deterioration of Turlock’s transportation infrastructure. Last November, a majority of Turlock voters supported a sales tax that would have provided 100% of the funds raised to fix only Turlock roads, but it fell just short of the two-thirds voter approval needed.

Candidate Soiseth couldn’t support this transportation measure that dedicated 100 percent of funds raised to fixing only Turlock roads now, that was totally under local control and clearly defined when and what roads would be fixed, and included an independent citizen’s oversight committee to ensure that funds were spent as the voters expected.

Now Mayor Soiseth is advocating that the best way to fix Turlock roads is to have the Stanislaus Council of Governments (StanCOG) determine expenditure formulas and the voters of Stanislaus County decide what is best for Turlock. This is all predicated on if and when a countywide transportation tax is placed on the ballot for voter consideration. At the present time, there is no definitive Stanislaus County plan, and only talk of placing a proposal on the 2016 ballot.

Meanwhile, the residents of Turlock have to continue to put up with potholes and deteriorating streets. Turlock deserves better and trust that the new City Council will consider all options and develop a plan to fix Turlock roads now.

— Jim L. Theis