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Deputies Association stands behind Justin Wall
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The Stanislaus Sworn Deputies Association stands behind Deputy Justin Wall. We have from the beginning and will continue to do so long after this matter has concluded. We are saddened by the loss of life and the impact this incident has had on all involved.

The facts will become apparent during the course of this case. What has not been mentioned is that the decedent had been engaged in dangerous, felonious behavior that endangered the lives of officers and the public. Including an intentional attempt to strike two officers with her vehicle within a second or two prior to any shot being discharged. A vehicle is a deadly weapon when used in such a manner.

We have faith in the justice system as we uphold the laws to protect our community members. That is what Deputy Wall did on the date of the incident. It goes without saying he is innocent unless proven guilty.

— Randon Kirkbride, president, Stanislaus Sworn Deputies Association