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Do not further restrict our limited waters to the public

Dear Editor,
All true fishermen support conservation efforts to protect California's marine life, but over regulation is not what we need, just careful management of our existing resources. Fishing on our coast is a wonderful activity for all ages, and in this era of uncertainty provides the public with a healthy outlet. Please do not further restrict our already limited waters that can be enjoyed by our public and sportsmen.
I'm writing today to urge you to oppose AB 3030. AB 3030 adds to California's already burdensome and over-regulated environmental policy framework. AB 3030 also directly threatens recreational opportunities for Californians.
This bill proposes to restrict access to 30 percent of California's waters and lands by 2030.  The bill also directs the state to consider new marine protected areas (MPAs) in which recreational fishing may be banned.
Here are five reasons to oppose this bill.
1.      It does not recognize any of the existing protections and management already in place.  California is already a global leader in marine conservation and managed at both state and federal levels.
2.      California already has a wide network of 146 marine protected areas (MPAs) reflecting the most restrictive marine environmental management policies in the world.
3.      Fishing closures will reduce state revenues from fishing licenses and boating fees, and in turn reduce much needed funds for scientific study and fisheries enforcement.
4.      This bill lacks clarity. It uses the term "protection" but does not specify what exactly that means.  In addition, the bill also states that the current protections are inadequate, but fails to specify why.
5.      AB 3030 would severely restrict recreational activities at a time when more, not less, open space is necessary for the enjoyment of all Californians.
6.     The recreational fishing community has proposed amendments to correct the ills of AB3030 but those amendments have largely been rejected.
For these reasons and more, I strongly urge you to oppose AB 3030. Your opposition today will help ensure recreational fishing and outdoor activities will be available to all Californians, their kids and grandkids for generations to come.

— Reynold Franca, Hughson