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Donate to local charities to make the most difference
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When you give cash or donations to a local charity or non-profit, your gift benefits those in need here, where it counts the most. Feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless is a recurring theme. The Salvation Army Turlock, Gospel Mission and Church in the Park all have websites where you can donate any sum you can afford. 
Cash gives food banks more flexibility. Giving frozen turkeys sure helps, but giving cash is best for those groups providing daily hot meals, like the Turlock Gospel Mission. Food banks like Second Harvest and Loves Christian Church in Ceres have websites for easy giving. Donations from a debit or credit card are easy, and do the most good. Even just by putting a personal donation check in the postal box still works. By giving to local charities, many in our community will get the help they need.   

— Daniel Marsh