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An enlightening debate
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We were there early for the debate. I got a seat right up front. Ruth, Gavin, Mary and Robert sat a few rows back. A few minutes into it, I got a text from Gavin, he's 15, and says "Denham's turning red." 

And yes indeed Jeff Denham's face was a bright red. Josh had already scored points, calling out Jeff on the twin tunnels.  And Jeff lied, he said he was against the tunnels. Never did he reconcile the fact that he voted to fast track the tunnels, and being against them at the same time. Later in the debate he seemed to say the southern San Joaquin and the Central Valley were in it together. Unfortunately, he is supposed to represent the CA-10. 

Denham began to yell his answers. He did a little dance around healthcare. A lot of gibberish about things he had done to improve healthcare. He didn't like hearing that he had voted to take away healthcare from his constituents. He claimed the ACA was too expensive, but never conceding to the fact he had helped to sabotage it. And at this point his face got redder. 

Josh was cool throughout the debate. He kept answering questions. But at the same time poking at Denham. While every so often Denham gave me a glare, red faced, Josh looked at me and winked. I just smiled back. He knew he was doing well. 

At this point Jeff started to call Josh names. SanFran Harder and professor. Silly stuff like that. When he saw it wasn't going over well, he claimed he was just having a little fun. 

He would not answer whether he believed in manmade climate change. He danced all around that one. Josh said maybe we should be part of a worldwide group to work against climate change, you know like the Paris Accords. 

It was a big win for Josh Harder. Even bigger than the one Thursday. The audience was a little bit vocal, but well behaved, except for the Denham supporter that yelled out "baby killer" at Josh. Seems the Harder camp is much larger than the Denham's. There were only a few Denham supporters there. Our county supervisor was there, but left before the halfway point. 

Afterward Gavin came up and said, "you were right when it got heated Denham turned red." He said "Josh was great!" 

As good as this was, we still have a long way to go. Our heroes on the front lines will still be knocking on doors, and making phone calls. And Los Pistoleros will be keeping you informed, and cheering everyone on!

Now I'm gonna watch last night's Beto O'Rourke and Ted Cruz debate. 

— Lupe Villarreal