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Ensure access to reproductive rights, vote ‘yes’ on Prop 1

Dear Editor,

The recent overturning of Roe v. Wade has raised concerns over access to reproductive rights. Many states, such as Utah and Nebraska, have begun placing restrictions on abortions. Some states, such as Texas, have already banned abortion altogether. While the California Constitution upholds that all citizens have the right to privacy in their personal reproductive choices (including abortion), Proposition 1 will expressly add these reproductive rights to the state constitution, guaranteeing future protection and access to these rights. Furthermore, the right to privacy granted by the California Constitution does not specify what rights it entails. Proposition 1 would change the California Constitution to expressly include reproductive rights such as the right to abortion, making it harder for the state to infringe on these rights.

In addition, opponents to Proposition 1 may argue that it will expand abortion parameters and allow unrestricted late-term abortions. However, Proposition 1 does not change laws surrounding when and how an individual can get an abortion. Instead, it will work to fortify access to reproductive rights.

It should also be noted that there is no direct fiscal effect of passing Proposition 1, meaning that it would not cost taxpayers any more money.

Reproductive decisions are a deeply personal matter and should remain as such without the interference of state governments, and Proposition 1 will stop exactly this from occurring. With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many states have expanded restrictions on abortions, that is if they have not already outright banned it. To ensure that access to reproductive rights is guaranteed, vote yes on Proposition 1.

— Pavit Saini