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Esquer for Mayor: The best path forward for Turlock’s future

We are voting for Gil Esquer for Mayor of Turlock. Turlock has had a long history of electing community-focused city officials. As a Councilmember, Gil was an excellent representative for his constituents on the west side of Turlock and the community as a whole; Gil did not move to a new address to be elected to the City Council.

We have known both candidates now running for Mayor for many years. We believe Gil has “the heart of a servant.” He does what is best for the community, rather than act to advance future political aspirations. Gil listens to the citizens; he understands and responds to our concerns.

Much of leadership is how you treat people–especially those with whom you don't always agree. Gil conducts himself with civility and respect in dealing with citizens, City staff and his fellow councilmembers.

In the prior administration, there were problems with fiscal accountability, low staff morale and high turnover, insufficient transparency, favoritism (to special interests, donors and unions), lack of civility, and the excessive use of the limited authority of the office of Mayor. These problems continue today, and a change is needed.

While differences are normal, it is essential that the Mayor engage and encourage the entire Council on important issues.

The best path forward for the future of the City of Turlock is to elect Gil Esquer as Mayor.

— Tina and Brad Bates