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Expand the Council
Letters may be sent to The Ceres Courier, 138 S. Center Street, Turlock CA 95380 or emailed to

Having and maintaining a representative democracy is hard work. It requires a commitment to open dialog and understanding. It requires consensus building and for government to be responsive, accountable, and transparent.

One of the best ways to do this is by having and encouraging as much public participation in the process as possible and for elected leadership to be an accurate representation of the citizenry. To this point, it would be appropriate for Turlock to expand the City Council by two members.

It is unfortunate that this does not seem to be a point of discussion in the new proposed maps. Adding two districts will make the districts smaller allowing for better representation, greater competition and lower campaign costs. All of which are important for healthy debate and a thriving representative democracy. Two more districts will ensure that all voices are heard and give Turlock a great foundation for the future upon which to build.

Let’s have Turlock lead by example in an ever changing and developing region. So, to all who read this, if you agree please let the council know and share this message with others.

 — Jeremy Rocha