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Fireworks should be seen, not heard
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I enjoy fireworks as much as anyone else.  However, fireworks should be “visual!”   What I am against is the purchase of fireworks with the “big bang” noise that sounds like a military assault. 

I watched the 4th of July fireworks from my front lawn and was appalled that the loud noise some of the fireworks gave off.

My immediate concern is the affect those loud explosions have on family pets (i.e. dogs and cats) who are super sensitive and frightened by loud noises.

I called the Turlock Animal Shelter several days after the 4th to inquire if many dogs/cats were found injured or dead on streets while trying to outrun the loud noises, based on previous years when I had to report dead dogs on nearby streets.  Also, how many dogs were picked up and taken to our shelter this year?

I would like to suggest our City of Turlock continue to have fireworks, but only purchase those fireworks that give a wonderful display, without loud explosion noise.  I am sure the manufacturers of fireworks can accommodate such a purchase.

Unfortunately, not all pet owners are aware and/or care if the family pets are put into their garages or homes during our City/Fair fireworks.

On Friday, the Stanislaus County Fair had fireworks, which I did not watch, but heard the loud explosions from inside my home and my dog went crazy with the sounds and cats hid under my bed.

I understand more fireworks at the fair are scheduled for today.  So I assume we will be bombarded with more loud explosion fireworks.

I am curious how the 4-H animals housed at the fairgrounds reacted to these loud fireworks.  I wonder how many dogs are running around today after jumping fences?

— Paula N. Tice