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Fix Turlock’s roads

Dear Editor,

The roads in Turlock are in very bad condition. There are a lot of potholes, cracks, and a lot of inconsistencies in the pavement. Some of the roads like Taylor, Olive, East Avenue, and Golden State are in outrageously bad conditions. There is nothing being done to fix them. Since I have been driving my motorcycle around the city, I have been dodging potholes left and right and the uneven pavements add to a rough ride. It makes my rides unsafe for me and others. The roads need to be repaired. Why are the roads not getting fixed? The City of Turlock website says they put in a program called Measure A. According to this‚ three fourths of the city taxes are supposed to go to maintain the city roads which is about $5,500,000 annually, though the roads are rarely being repaired. To improve the roads, we should maintain fact-based and transparent projects. Make the most of the existing infrastructure. I hope the roads can get fixed soon so I can enjoy riding my motorcycle safely.

— Luke Schwartz