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Friends of the Library seek book storage space
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Every winter for the past several years book lovers have been able to attend the Friends of the Turlock Library book sale and walk away with scores of books for a mere fraction of their original cost. Proceeds were used by the Friends of the Turlock Public Library to assist our library in purchasing items that were not covered under the general library budget; outside book drop bin, electronic entry doors, superb children’s programs and special events, periodicals, DVD’s etc. The book sale is a win -win situation. We thank the public for donating their used books and thank the public even more for buying them.

In order to continue our book sale, a place to store the books is needed. For the past few years, an unused barn has been donated as our book depository. This location may soon be sold and the Friends will soon need a place to store their books. We are looking for a structure such as an unused garage, large shed or small barn in the city of Turlock that is the size of a classroom, approximately 20 feet by 25 feet.

If you or a friend have such a structure and have been wondering to yourself, “Boy, I wish there was some way I could utilize this unused building while helping my community,” please contact us. You just might be the one responsible for saving an event that has provided so much for our community.

You can e-mail:  or call 417-2359 (leave a message) or please feel welcome to attend one of our board meetings the first Wednesday of the month, 6:30 p.m. at the Turlock Public Library.

— Brooks Judd