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Garden blooms once again
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Dear Editor,


Thank you again for the kind article in the Turlock Journal describing the recent theft of our garden project at Julien. As my teaching partner told me, " My grandmother told me years ago: There's nothing so bad that some good can't come of it." Grandma is right. I must tell you the Turlock community has risen up to help our garden project tremendously. 


Much to our surprise, Turlock Firefighters and their Random Acts of Kindness; Turlock Garden Club; parents of students and past students; grandparents; community members; concerned citizens; and students all read your article and have donated and helped repair the damage to our garden project. So, our garden project will continue to bloom as brightly as ever.

We at Julien are so grateful for the support from the Turlock Journal and all these kind citizens, and I thought you should know. Goodness prevails, and such good lessons in so many ways for all Julien students, too. Once again the garden is a tool for learning, for growing. Dig it!


— Janet Wheeler, Julien Garden coordinator

Christina Hemming, Julien Garden assistant 

Julien Teachers and Students