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Get Turlock back on track with Bates
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On Nov. 6, the voters of Turlock have the opportunity to change the course of direction of our City. The past 4 years under the leadership of Mayor Soiseth and Council member Bublak, Turlock has lost its direction and its sterling reputation as the “jewel of the Valley” has been tarnished.

As you vote, ask yourself these questions: (1) Is the City in better financial condition today than 4 years ago? (2) Are you satisfied with deficit spending and declining General Fund reserves? (3) Are your roads in better condition today than 4 years ago? (4) Are your water bills higher than 4 years ago? (5) Do you feel that Turlock is safer today than 4 years ago? If you are satisfied with the status quo, then you have two choices – Bublak or Soiseth. If you want a positive change in direction and a return to fiscal responsibility, then join me in voting for Brad Bates for Turlock Mayor - again.

— Jim L. Theis