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Gil Esquer for Mayor

Turlock needs change beginning with a new mayor. The loss of dedicated and professional staff with years of institutional knowledge is unacceptable. The recent berating of staff by Councilperson Franco is just the latest example of a hostile work environment under Bublak’s rein.

Bublak and her minions have turned over control of the fire department to Modesto and now want to give up oversight of the HOME program. None of this would have been necessary if they hadn’t chased off veteran, competent staff. Is it coincidental the turnover of staff and city managers began since Bublak has been in office as a councilperson and then mayor? I don’t think so.

In her Sample Ballot statement, Ms. Bublak takes credit for road improvements and improved economic stability. None of this would have been possible without the passage of the county road and city sales taxes, both of which she opposed. I guess one could say the city has survived despite her.

It’s time to bring back civility and professionalism and an end to the micro managing in Turlock. Let’s begin the rebuilding of the City of Turlock’s reputation by electing Gil Esquer mayor.

— Brad Christian