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Harder addressing housing crisis

As I cross our district, I notice the emblematic homeless camps and ask myself how can this be happening in the US.
No access to electricity and clean water! It’s no longer an issue of the mentally ill, but also of students and families with children.
Shelters and programs were provided to mitigate most situations but the problem remains.
Long ago, our congressman, Josh Harder, recognized that access to affordable housing is the only suitable solution.
Once in  DC, he co-sponsored the Housing and Services Act which not only provides funding for transitional housing but also addresses its causes by investing in mental health and providing job training opportunities for the homeless.
Access to healthcare for the homeless is critical for their well-being. Yet, it was threatened when our previous congressman voted against about 100,000 constituents in the district in his vote against the ACA.
Today, the threat remains from the Trump administration and its supporters. One such avid supporter is Josh Harder's challenger, Ted Howze.
Josh Harder has been up-front on all issues and he will fight to preserve the progress we have made.
By contrast, Ted Howze does not even mention the homeless as an issue.
Support Harder  because you want to go forwards!

— Eugenia Bentayeb