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Harder values the youth

On Jan. 13, Congressman Josh Harder joined the Pitman High School Young Democrats for a prompt Q&A session. On behalf of Pitman Young Democrats, I would like to thank Congressman Harder for taking time out of his hectic schedule to inform the youth on issues of national and local significance.

As many know, history was being made as the House of Representatives cast their votes on the second impeachment of President Trump. Despite being involved in the Washington impeachment trial, Congressman Harder still answered our questions on topics such as updates from Capitol Hill to the rioting events of last week.

The integrity that Harder showed by attending our meeting makes us pleased to have worked on his campaign and showed us how much he cares for his constituents. This event was completely student run and Pitman Young Democrats were delighted to have him in attendance.

We are extremely proud to have him as our Representative, and we hope to work with him more in the future.

— Ravneet Brar