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Harder works hard for our health

Josh Harder understands our district's needs and is a strong advocate for us. In the past month he has urged federal agencies to revise programs and services to support the health of our residents.

He pushed the Federal Emergency Management Agency to expand its housing criteria to make frontline agriculture workers eligible for temporary housing so they can isolate when they test positive or have been exposed to Coronavirus. This is especially important for our Latino agriculture workers who have an increased risk of Coronavirus exposure.

He urged the United States Department of Agriculture to allow school districts to continue their nutrition programs through the end of the school year. Approximately 63 percent of students in our district rely on school lunch programs. This extension would provide a guaranteed source of nutrition during the pandemic.

He wrote the Postmaster General, calling on the service to address delays of life-saving medicines. This is a serious issue for our residents because more than 500,000 people have asthma in the SJ valley where we are experiencing unhealthy air quality and deliveries of medicine continues to be delayed.

We need to keep Congressman Josh Harder in office so he can keep fighting for us!

— Anna Roberts