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Homeowner should not have received prison sentence for fatal shooting
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The recent trial and conviction of Turlock resident Rob Boyer was a total injustice. (Boyer was sentenced to seven years in prison for fatally shooting Brandon Pacheco in the back after finding him on his property in July 23, 2013.)

What were you jurors thinking about when you came up with that kind of verdict? How would you like to have some pot head creeping around your property, day or night, and maybe in your house?

Anyone who trespasses and steals is taking their life in their own hands and are responsible for their actions.

Every day in this country, homes are broken in to, occupied or not, by someone looking for money or items to steal to buy drugs. Many homeowners are injured or killed. If Brandon Pacheco’s family thought he was such a good man, and should have his day in court, why didn’t they take him to a judge and have him confess to his stealing and drug use and ask for help?

They had to know he was on drugs and stealing to pay for them. The judge should have given Boyer probation and time served. In early news articles, the deputy DA seemed to think Boyer was guilty even before the trial.

Dr. Baik claimed Pacheco may have lived if he had gotten attention in less than 10 minutes, which was not possible. These statements should not have been made.

— Vernon Lee