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Howze can heal America

Dear Editor: 

The disrespect for our law enforcement is out of control. No longer is it just by criminals, but now it is being displayed even by our own current congressman, Josh Harder. To show such contempt for our country, our flag our shared national identity as Americans, and the men and women who have sacrificed so much to pass this along to the next generation does not reflect my values. Rather, it is reflective of ingratitude and a lack of appreciation, yet sadly, it seems that these have become the values of the Democrat Party. 

Meanwhile, this same party, particularly under Governor Newsom, has led California to the highest rates of homelessness, where almost half of the nation’s homeless population is within our state. And how is that working out for everyday Californians? Our streets are overrun with filth and vagrancy while Democrats keep doubling down on their same failed policies that have brought us to this point.

This November we have a chance, though, to make a real change and a real difference. This election we can bring back respect. We can bring back American exceptionalism for our law enforcement, first responders, teachers and nurses. We can elect Dr. Ted Howze for Congress, and let’s heal America!

— Leanna Cox