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Howze decides which kids are worthy of safe recreation
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Turlock City Councilman Ted Howze has struck again! He proposes cutting all summer swim programs at the Turlock High and Pitman High schools. He calls the current programs “the biggest money loser in the entire recreation department.” He also disagreed with Councilwoman Mary Jackson that these pools afforded children a safe place to swim and recreate during our 105 degree summers. He wishes to “force” everybody to use Columbia Pool. This means that approximately 12,000 people will be jammed into the one pool available to our citizens.

As Mr. Howze said, government is not a babysitter for other people’s kids. An astounding statement from someone tasked to safeguard the local citizens. However, it must be noted that those other people’s kids who run and play football have the advantage of $ 2.5 million of redevelopment monies that Mr. Howze directed to Turlock High School. Apparently, some people’s kids are worthier than others, and at Mr. Howze’s discretion.

The children in this town are OUR children, and I urge everyone to attend the next City Council meeting at 7 p.m. on June 22.

— J.E. Adams