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Howze has my vote

I learned from the Turlock debate between Republican Ted Howze and Congressman Josh Harder that Harder is being funded millions of dollars from the Democrat National Committee and Silicon Valley special interest groups.  During the debate, it became evident that Harder is expected by his party to follow the dictates of the Democrat party over the needs of this Congressional district.  He has not pushed Speaker Pelosi to make a deal on Stimulus relief; not denounced Antifa and radical BLM rioters, looters, arsonists; not expressed full support of law enforcement and does not reject radical Democrat party defunding efforts. 

I also learned that Ted Howze was not endorsed by the National Republican Committee (NRC) and California Republican Committee (CRP).  The NRC and CRP have failed in promoting and supporting California Republican candidates for Congress and the California State House.  Some would say that this is a bad thing. Not so. Unlike Harder who is beholding to the DNC, Silicon Valley special interests, and Speaker Pelosi, Dr. Howze’s only focus is to actively represent those who elected him to Congress and not be driven by the edicts of the Republican party.  This frees him to be our voice in Congress without hindrance of the Party elite.  This is why Ted Howze has our vote.

— Charles Walters