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I know Ted Howze

I’ve seen the recent outrageous attacks on Republican congressional candidate Ted Howze. I have known Ted personally for many years and witnessed his selfless acts of service to every segment of our community. I’ve never witnessed any racially disparaging comment or action from a man who genuinely works incredibly hard to better our valley.
So why the attack on Ted’s character? The simple answer is because Ted Howze is winning, and his far-left Democrat opponent is panicked. After nearly 18 months in office, Josh Harder has earned no support from local leaders. They’ve all supported Ted Howze because of his hard work on behalf of local people.
Josh Harder cannot win an election on his socialist party’s ideas or policies. So Harder and his soon defunct trolls must attack Ted Howze’s character while they can.
I know Ted Howze, I support Ted Howze, and I’m looking forward to having a good man like Ted Howze as our next Member of Congress.


Lydia Kanno