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I support Jeff Nichols for TUSD Area 4

Dear Editor,

I am extremely impressed by Jeff Nichols, candidate for Turlock Unified School District Board, Area 4.  He is running against incumbent Mary Jackson. 
At a local Meet & Greet on Sept. 26, a panel of candidates responded to impromptu questions from audience members.  Jeff Nichols answered each question with complete, succinct, and inspiring answers.  Questions ranged from CRT, LGBTQ concerns, Special Education, vaccinations, budgets, Title 1 funds, and educator support, just to name a few.  

What I found interesting and inspiring is Jeff's experience working with children for over 27 years, 13 of those years as the Director of Special Education services.  Additionally, he has served in the U.S. Army for nearly 34 years, and has an impressive resume and accomplishments in the military.  Jeff's education, experience, and leadership skills and abilities set him far above his competition in this race.  

Jeff Nichols shared his ideas on how he would assist parents in communicating their concerns and reaching resolution within the District, with an emphasis on keeping all solutions student centered.  He noted that there are different ways to drive results.  Some people are problem oriented, and they sit around patting themselves on the back while simply "admiring a problem."  He emphasized that he is a result-driven person and is solution focused with laser pinpoint accuracy.  I believe him.  

Jeff has innovative and interesting ideas about how to improve many of the problems that have plagued our District under current leadership for over four years.  He seems to really understand Title 1 funding, ERMS and challenges between the SELPA and District -- challenges that educators face regarding their classrooms, current computer-based assessment tools, obsessiveness of administration over metric driven data, and the overall sense that parents and educators alike feel powerless.  Jeff Nichols wants to give power back to the parents and educators.  He wants to help solve the problems that have gone unresolved.  

Jeff Nichols has my support, and I encourage others to join me in getting some new, passionate blood on our Turlock School Board.  We need Jeff Nichols! 

— Truman Jensen