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I support our police department and encourage civic engagement
Andrew Nosrati
Turlock City Council member Andrew Nosrati will host two public forums this week to receive input on how to spend COVID relief funding.

Dear Turlock Residents,

It has come to my attention that I have been linked as a supporter of the “Defund the Police” effort. 

I have gone on the record expressing support for the leadership and direction our Police Chief is taking with our City and indicated a shared desire to pursue a more effective, preventative community policing model. It is my current understanding that the only way to achieve this model in Turlock would be through an increase to our department's budget to support improved officers training, less overtime and strain on those in the field, and to support specialized units in mental health and social services.

With the current conditions of policing, the City of Turlock — like many other agencies — is unable to attract and retain police officers to fill our vacant positions. I have great respect and appreciation for the men and women that serve our community, and recognize the sacrifice they make in wearing the uniform and responding to our calls for help.

In my time in office, I have had the privilege of learning a great deal from my relationship with our Police Chief. I look to continue learning from those with experience in the field as they work with our community as we move towards a 21st century model of policing; one that both serves our community more effectively and promotes better working conditions for the officers.

Some have misconstrued my support and engagement with various community organizations as an alignment with any particular campaign — whether it is “Cap at 40” or “Defund the Police.” I do not believe it is my role as a councilmember to be an advocate for any one particular effort, but to understand the various perspectives within our community and the facts that surround them to make an informed decision that supports the best interest of our whole community.

I do, and will continue to, encourage higher levels of civic engagement and participation from everyone in this community. I believe it is essential that we have all of our residents participating and shaping their local government. I am a firm believer that continued, respectful dialogue promotes the best interest of all within the community and I will continue to advocate for understanding of all perspectives.

Thank you to all that have contacted me with your positions on this issue. I encourage you all to stay engaged throughout to help your representatives lead.

— Councilmember Andrew Nosrati