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In support of Abe Rojas for YCCD Area 3
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We are writing in support of Abe Rojas. We have known Abe for most our adult life and have found that he sincerely cares for our community as a volunteer in community organizations and events. Abe is constantly present at high school, youth, community events and senior citizens activities, as well as the college campuses.  He was the Parks and Recreation Director of the City of Turlock for 25 years. Abe's  interest in education led him to serve 13 years as a Turlock High School Trustee, and is now serving as a Trustee on the Yosemite Community College District and completing his 21st year on the Board (not 28 years). In each capacity, he is always concerned with the student -learning  environment. Abe is an advocate for hiring the most qualified faculty and support staff at Modest Junior College and Columbia College. He studies the issues that require knowledge of his responsibilities for student access and student success.

In all our years in knowing Abe, he has always maintained his honor and integrity. Treating people as he wishes to be treated is his strong point. "Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education." Dr. Martin Luther King.

Please join us in re-electing Abe Rojas Trustee for YCCD Area 3!

— Travis and Christa Niedermann