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It’s time for change: Vote for Esquer

Good afternoon Turlock voters. My name is Bill DeHart and I had the honor of serving our City as a Councilman from 2010-2018. I am similarly honored to enthusiastically endorse Gil Esquer to become the next Mayor of Turlock and I stand with many of my former elected colleagues who sat on the Council dais and likewise support Mr. Esquer. I’m here today because I believe that it’s time for a change! My friend Gil Esquer is exactly the change we need! You may ask - Why? Let me share that Gil Esquer is a collaborative and visionary leader who understands quite well the issues before the City and the City Council. We had opportunity on several occasions to work through difficult issues. I observed that he was quickly able to evaluate the situation and move to propose an appropriate solution. I am convinced that we can trust Gil to do a job as our Mayor to tackle any and every difficult issue we face. It’s time that we embrace what Turlock can become without forgetting our rich heritage. On November 8th, I confidently recommend that you vote Gil Esquer for Mayor. Thank you!

— Bill DeHart